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Restaurant Standards

Sette’s most important consideration is the health and well-being of the team and our guests, and as the COVID-19 situation evolves, we continue to update our policies and procedures with guidance from the UK Government, the World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities. We have comprehensive steps in place to ensure safety, from the addition of rigorous cleaning protocols, increasing the frequency of cleaning, team training, and placing hand sanitizing stations throughout the hotel and restaurant spaces. Specific steps we have taken include, but are not limited to:

  • Our team have received training on COVID-19 enhancements to our existing health and safety measures. Constant training will be maintained to meet evolving guidelines on legally mandated requirements. Twice weekly testing for our team members is in place, monitoring their health and wellbeing.

  •  Compliance with the social distancing guidelines set out by the government (two metres, or one metre with “risk mitigation where two metres is not viable, is acceptable.”)

  • Our team will continue to wear masks maintaining social distancing from customers when taking orders.

  • Ensuring both workers and clients who feel unwell stay at home and do not attend the venue: No one is obliged to work in an unsafe work environment.

  • Increase the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning.

  • Minimising customer self service of food, cutlery and condiments to reduce risk of transmission.

  • Encouraging contactless payments where possible

  • Recording and keeping contact details of all guests for 21 days, so that those individuals can be traced in the event of an outbreak of COVID-19.